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Our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using methods and materials we strongly believe in, and we always design with both people and the planet in mind.

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Major studies show that people want companies to make a positive impact, and many are ready to join in creating a better world with the brands they support. We are proud to say that Knowledge clicks all the right boxes.  By ensuring that every fiber we choose represents a brighter future, we can help changing our industry from within. Our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners, and we always design with both people and the planet in mind.
Our brand is all about doing the right thing. We care about people, from those close to us to everyone in our supply chain. Our community is a force for good, focused on ensuring everyone is treated well and has their rights respected. This commitment extends to customers, employees, communities, and anyone affected by what we do. We believe in fair ­business, inclusivity, and taking responsibility for the impact we have.
We’re a certified carbon-positive company (Scope 1, 2, and 3) using organic and recycled fibers. Our key certifications include RWS, GRS, and GOTS. We’re also proudly one of the first clothing companies with Regenerative Organic Certified® products. We are devoted to the well-being of our planet, and firmly committed to preserving and restoring nature. Our actions reflect a profound concern for the Earth’s health. A brand by nature lovers, for nature lovers.
We pledge to design and develop for a brighter future through ethical practices and trustworthy strategies. Our commitment goes beyond products, extending to an ethos where our core values are truly ingrained in every aspect of the business. Through our decades-long journey, we have ­challenged norms and embraced innovation. That’s why we’re now part of leading the way, resonating with the contemporary consumer’s values and ensuring a better tomorrow.
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