The choices we make

Our partnerships

Our partnerships
We are a global company that acts globally. That is why we work with long-term partners around the world. Partners who have the same mindset and values as we do and who are willing to go the extra mile for a better world.
It is important to us that we build long-term relationships with all our suppliers. We regard them as partners and it is very much the people behind our supply chain that makes the difference. We believe that by building a trustworthy relationship, we can go further together.
Our certifications
Working with certifications has always been a big part of our traceability and integrity strategy. To us, it is a matter of credibility. Having the right certificates shows that we are a company determined to make a difference.
Our certifications give the consumer reassurance that the product they buy in fact has been inspected and certified by a third party. This gives a guarantee that the raw fiber input, the production process, the chemicals used and the working conditions for people involved is handled in the best possible way and that they meet the world leading standards for integrity and transparency.