The style of Knowledge

Our collection framework

Our collection framework
Motivated by our 1969 heritage, we make clothes that take a stand. It is our mission to provide the consumer with fair fashion choices, without having to make any compromises when it comes to style, comfort or quality.
The style of Knowledge is about attitude. We are an urban outdoor brand featuring a complete range of timeless, long-lasting utility products made for a wide range of activities. We believe in a multi-functional approach to fashion, offering a total look where urban casual is injected with everything from clean denim to fusion concepts and pure outdoor clothing for adventures in harmony with nature’s elements.
At KnowledgeCotton Apparel, we provide the authentic alternatives. Pieces to follow the user through all stages of life. Always rest assured that a piece carrying the owl meets the highest requirements in quality.
True to our spirit of tomorrow.
Our frameworks show the way
As part of our ‘take action strategy’, we sometimes do this through collaborations with our Friends of Knowledge or platforms that share our vision for a better tomorrow, our so-called collabs. The goal of our Knowledge frameworks is always to create greater clarity and transparency for both consumers and retailers.
To constantly push ourselves and our suppliers to take new innovative steps, we have embraced a conceptual approach in our product development. It means that we create defined frameworks in which we refine material selection, design, function and manufacturing linked specifically to a product segment.
Get to know three of our successful frameworks, our Water is life collab with WaterAid, the Tree Hugger collab with Urskog and our Reborn concept featuring circular fashion.

Water is life collab

Are you aware that 771 million people around the world do not have access to clean water? 2 billion people do not have access to a decent toilet. This is a global challenge that particularly exposes girls, women and children to great risks. We want to change that.
As a clothing company, we are part of an industry that requires huge amounts of water in the textile manufacturing process. Being a company active in India, a country facing great challenges around water supply and hygiene, we feel a special responsibility here. The love and respect we have for the people makes us want to help in every way we can.
Global progress starts with clean water. As part of our ‘take action’ strategy, we support WaterAid by donating 10 euros for every garment sold. All funds raised will be used to provide clean water and sanitation for schools in India.

Tree Hugger

They call us tree huggers. Driven by the ambition to put environmental considerations first in every decision and every action. We see a growing crowd thinking like us out there. More and more “tree huggers” are coming forward, choosing not to follow the flow. It’s a big support to us, because we believe in collaboration as a way to learn new things and strengthen our message.
In line with this attitude, we are happy to present a new collab with the fine Swedish skateboard brand Urskog. A proud collab that we call ‘Tree Hugger’ – united by our respect for genuine craftsmanship and for Mother Nature.
Urskog x Knowledge. Tree huggers by heart.


It’s time we start treating our planet as if we’re planning to stay. To protect our natural resources, we need to design out waste to keep products and materials in use. The Reborn range is doing just that.
Every piece of clothing in the Reborn range is made of recycled and reused materials. Each component is carefully extracted and redesigned to be reborn in a circular system.
Experience the rebirth of fashion.
All our garments are produced by certified manufacturing partners using methods and materials we strongly believe in.