The partnerships

The choices we make

To make sure we are constantly developing and getting better at what we do, we believe in surrounding ourselves with friends, organizations and partners who are the best in their respected fields. It forces us to challenge ourselves, push our methods and mindset, and makes sure that we stay innovative.

We also place high demands on our partners in terms of fair working conditions, organically approved fabrics, use of chemicals, and traceable recycling processes. Therefore, we choose our collaborations very carefully and we are completely transparent with what partnerships and certifications we have considered the most qualified to work with.

| Åsnen |
Jonas Johansson, along with friend Alexander Hall, explores the lake Åsnen in southern Sweden.

Our friends and partners

We are a global company that acts globally. That is why we work with long-term partners around the world. Partners who have the same mindset and values as we do and who are willing to go the extra mile for a better world.

It is important to us that we build long-term relationships with all our suppliers. We regard them as partners and it is very much the people behind our supply chain that makes the difference. We believe that by building a trustworthy relationship, we can go further together.

| Småland |
Bringing you closer to nature. Jonas Johansson and photographer Alexander Hall hike the deep forests of Småland, Sweden.