The world of Knowledge

It all comes down to knowledge

We see ourselves as environmentalists and first movers. This means that we want to lead the way and accomplish real change. Part of our concept is to share knowledge. We do this throughout our KnowledgeCotton Apparel universe.

By sharing knowledge, we believe we can inspire people to make better, more informed choices. Facing the great environmental challenges of our time, good choices are needed in this world. We are therefore joining forces and support people who share our visions for a better tomorrow – our friends of knowledge.

In our communication, we tell and teach about what we do. We share this knowledge with our colleagues and partners. We also think it is of great importance to educate, motivate and cooperate with our customers by means of knowledge sharing and academy training.

It is when we meet with our customers and consumers that we can really communicate and get our message out there. Academy talks, events and presentations with our customers are important opportunities for this.

We also invest time in knowledge sharing at different schools and universities. We are invited to give presentations and do interviews or assist with paper writing. We believe it is vital for the future generations to learn how to run a business based on our model.

Initiatives that share our goal should be part of our universe. This is why we sponsor carefully selected events and awards. We also enter into cooperations with partners and friends of knowledge, who have stories to tell and that are a good fit for us.

| Iceland |
Iceland’s vast landscape. Photographer Alexander Hall and his friends experience the land of legends.

“By sharing knowledge, we believe we can inspire people to make better, more informed choices.”

| the world of Knowledge |

| Farao Islands|
Nature’s drama. Alexander Hall visits The Faroe Islands whose rocky, volcanic islands shoot straight up from the North Atlantic Ocean.