The philosophy

The way we do things

Our philosophy is built on three guiding principles that lead the way in our work:
knowledge, action, respect.

Gain knowledge

We are constantly looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. We are curious and always on the lookout for new innovations. In this we never settle. We always seek to move forward – to expand our knowledge in order to make change.

Take action

Words may inspire action, but only action creates change. Therefore, we always seek to change conventions and embrace change. We use the knowledge that we gain every single day to actively change our business and industry.

Show respect

Our set of values are based on respect for the planet and its citizens. We aim to use both human and natural resources in the best way we can. We regard it as our greater mission to make sure our planet is in the best condition possible when we pass it on to future generations.

| Tahiti |
Lou Bouvet, professional surfer and Friend of Knowledge, rides the great Tahiti surf breaks.
| The Green Wave |
Carine Camboulives lives on Maui, Hawaii with her surfer family Emmanuel Bouvet and daughters Lou and Shadé. Their Green Wave project is dedicated to creating knowledge about the environmental issues associated with the oceans.